What should you do if your dog eats mouse poison?


When any pet, including a dog, accidentally consumes mouse poison, it is recommended that their owner bring the dog to a veterinarian, or call the Animal Poison Control hotline at 888-426-4435. Common symptoms of poisoning include stomach bloating, vomiting, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and even collapse. Treatment options vary depending on the specific ingredients in the mouse poison, however various treatments include aggressive IV fluids, decontamination, antacids, and stomach pumping. If the dog's owner takes it to see a veterinarian, they should bring with them the container the mouse poison came in, so the vet is aware of exactly what the dog ingested.
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1. Call your veterinarian or dial 888-426-4435 to reach the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. The ASPCA is available 24 hours daily and generally requires a $65 consultation fee
Get it to the Vet right away and don't waste a second. On the way to the vet, call him/her on the cell phone. As a matter of fact, ask the vet before hand what should you do if the
It can take 5-7 days for rodent bait to take
never use a poison where a dog might get it or the animals you are trying to kill, you could end up with a seriously ill dog, huge vet bills or the worse case a dead dog! Source(s
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