Dog Bleeding from Rectum?


There are different causes for a dog bleeding from the rectum. They can range from not life threatening to a serious health condition. A dog bleeding from the rectum can indicate constipation and colitis. Other causes could indicate inflammation of the colon or inflammation of the rectum. The best way to know why a dog is bleeding from the rectum is to see what symptoms accompany it, such as extreme diarrhea, blood patches on the skin, and low energy.
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more than likely something is lodged in the intestine. you will probaly have to take him to the vet. my dog did the smae thing and it almost killed her. It could also be colitis.
A lot of things can cause rectal bleeding in a dog, most common though is constipation, polyps and whip worms. Neither life threatening but you might want to visit the vet and have
The most common causes of rectal bleeding in dogs are mild constipa...
If your dog bite bleeds severely, you should try to stop the bleeding and go to a hospital for medical treatment. Apply a clean compress to the area with plenty of pressure, or tie
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