Dog Coughing up White Mucus?


If a dog is coughing up white mucus is it can be due to a number of sicknesses. More than likely however it is kennel cough. It is extremely contagious to other dogs and is a respiratory disease. With kennel cough, coughing is the main symptom although they can occasionally have sneezing as well. Many dog owners confuse the white mucus as vomit. A veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics and cough medicine to rid a dog of kennel cough.
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1. Install a vaporizer in your bedroom. High humidity will soothe bronchial passages and help loosen phlegm. Leave the vaporizer running if you'll be out of the room for less than
Normally, symptoms of kennel cough will develop within a
When your dog or cat or horse coughs up mucous; this means they have been "hyperventilating; hyperventilating is during hot weather the animal "breathes with the tongue
If he's doing it frequently then he cld be sick. Upper respiratory, kennel cough, or maybe just allergies. My boxers each did the same for over two weeks. I gave them a tsp of liquid
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