How can you tell if a dog drank antifreeze?


Some of the initial symptoms to look for if a dog drank antifreeze include staggering, seizures, and depressed mood. Excessive thirst, vomiting, and frequent urination may also be experienced. Although they may appear to get better initially, kidney failure will begin in a day or two.
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1. Watch for strange behavior. Animals that have consumed antifreeze may seem disoriented, depressed or confused. 2. Check the level of water in the water bowl. Dogs that have consume
Take the Dog Straight to the vets, just to be safe.
Take to your vet or the emergency clinic NOW! Antifreeze is toxic to dogs and will kill. If you have the container then take with you. Advise the clinic of how much the dog got into
Not medical advice: Early symptoms are much like alcohol intoxication. Dogs may vomit due to the irritating effects of ethylene glycol on the
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How to Tell if a Dog Drank Antifreeze
Antifreeze is made primarily of ethylene glycol, and it is commonly kept in household garages for use with cars. When antifreeze is swallowed by a dog, the antifreeze breaks down into toxic components in the dog's liver. Between two and three tablespoons... More »
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