Dog Leaking Urine?


One reason that a dog may be leaking urine is if it has a bladder infection. A bladder infection prevents the bladder from stretching eliminating the ability to hold much urine and causing a feeling to go at anytime. There are other reasons as to why a dog is leaking urine as well such as use of certain medications, nervous system diseases, and previous illnesses. A dog that has also been neutered can also leak urine.
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Maybe he needs to use the bathroom so try walking him more frequently. Maybe he needs to use the bathroom so try walking him more frequently.
Bladder weakness can occur with aging and cause urinary incontinence, according to the Mayo Clinic. When bladder muscles become weak with age, they lose the ability to store and hold
Some of the reason that dogs urinate in the house are: They are not yet completely trained or housebroken. They are marking their territory. They are sick. They might also be just
My 5year old beagle mix has recently started leaking urine in the past week or two. I notice them after he has been sitting on the couch or in our bed. Its usually a spot anywhere
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There are many things that can cause a dog to leak urine. One is old age. Some others are prostate problems, bladder infections, and kidney infections. If the ...
It is normal for a female dog to leak urine after Cesarean birth. The dog may not be able to hold its urine for a few weeks. You should keep the Veterinarian updated ...
You can not stop a dog from urinating, a dog must be walked twice daily. If your dog is urinating in the house you should tell him no when you catch him and immediately ...
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