Dog Nail Problems?


Dog nail problems not only affect the nail but the nail bed and surrounding area as well. Symptoms that a dog may have nail problems include difficulty walking, swelling or redness around the nail, abnormal nail color, and licking at the paws. Causes for dog nail problems include infection, bacteria, immune system disease, and cancer. Cutting nails too close to the nail bed can also cause nail problems. A veterinarian will need to take a skin sample to see what the cause of the nail problem is.
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1. Use an herbal rinse to heal damaged nails. The herb calendula reduces inflammation and helps damaged nails heal. Combine it in an herbal rinse with St. John's Wort, which reduces
When cutting a dogs nails it is important to use the correct clippers and not ones intended for humans. Then you simply take the paw and cut a little bit away from the cuticle if
cut them you idiot.
1 Make sure the dog is relaxed and comfortable. If he has never had his nails cut (as with young puppies), sit with him a few times per day for a minute or so and tap the clippers
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In order to prevent your dog from experiencing any painful nail problems, it is important to properly maintain your dog's hygiene and grooming. Make sure to regularly ...
You can use dog nail clippers to cut the nails, the clippers may split the dogs nails and make it very painful. It is best to try the dog file. ...
A person should cut their dogs nails about once a month. Dogs nails grow fast, and if your dog is an outside dog, then he/she runs around quite a bit, which can ...
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