Dog Tranquilizer Sedative?


There are different dog tranquilizers and sedatives that are used for different reasons and each have different reactions. Tranquilizers and sedatives are commonly used to relax an animal that is getting groomed such as getting its nails clipped. It is also used when getting x-rays of the dog and drawing blood. Sedatives and tranquilizers are injected directly into the vein and muscle. Sedatives and tranquilizers should not be used on pregnant dogs because it can cause birth defects.
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There are a few things that your vet might prescribe to sedate your dog. You have to be very careful sedating any animal due to the fact that their system is different from ours.
1. Take your dog outside for a long walk or run. Bring a toy if your dog likes playing with toys. Exercise your dog for twice as long as normal. The goal is to tire your dog. 2. Give
A friend told me to give my dogs chamomile tea. (I think it won't do them too much harm. They get really nervous and scared when there are thunder or fireworks going. I did try. Maybe
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