Dogs Throat Is Swollen?


If your dog's throat is swollen, it could be as a result of lymph nodes swelling. There is no point to worry about this. However, you can take him to a vet just to be sure.
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Drink warm water periodically during the day. As HomeRemedies points out, this will keep the throat moist and soothe the throat. The Web site further says that warm water acts as
. Dogs can have swollen lymph
It could be an allergic reaction to something or it could be far more serious. Is she still drinking water? If so, that means that her throat at least has some type of opening. Try
A cold, the flu, tonsillitis, and strep throat can cause a swollen throat.
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A swollen tongue along with a sore throat is a recipe for a terrible night's sleep. This combination of symptoms is often associated with infections that include ...
You can drink plenty of hot liquids for a sore throat. You can also take flu medication. One particularly good home remedy is an infusion of honey with lemon. ...
Swollen glands in the throat are known as swollen lymphoids. Lymph nodes are known as small, bean-shaped glands that can be found throughout the body. Lymph nodes ...
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