What is dolerite?


Dolerite is an intrusive rock which is eruptive from volcanoes, that are plutonic. It is used in monumental, masonry, paving slabs, and aggregate for roadstone. It is very common in Central Scotland.
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Dolerite is a heavy rock it is used for road stones.
[Ma] A distinctive blue/grey igneous rock with white spots that outcrops in the Prescelly Hills of Pembrokeshire. It was used for making axe-hammers and battle-axes in the late Neolithic
Dolerite is a "medium-grained basic hypabyssal (near surface) igneous rock, mineralogically and chemically the same as gabbro and basalt" In modern usage there is no term
Dear Kingsley. You can refer petrology book for details.Yiu will also refer petrography book for detailed mineal composition.You can also refer theoretical petrology for details.
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a coarse-grained variety of basalt.
any of various other igneous rocks, as diabase.
any basaltlike igneous rock whose composition can be determined only by microscopic examination.
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Dolerite is a type of igneous rock. It is formed underneath basaltic volcanos. It is the product of magma that cools quickly when it rises into weak areas and ...
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