Dollar Bill Pyramid Eye?


The front of the dollar bill has changed throughout the years but the back of the dollar bill has been the same since 1934. The dollar bill pyramid eye was first designed by William Barton of Philadelphia and Charles Thomson, who was the secretary of congress. It is seen as the all seeing eye of providence. There are many rumors in which people believe the eye represents the great architect of the universe God or that the symbol is based on freemasonry because the forefathers were believed to be Freemasons.
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The Egyptian pyramid is a symbol of strength and duration; the 13
it is illuminati. if you notice that eye is the eye of the founder of the illuminati. look up illuminati and go to wikipedia you will see a picture of the founder and compare the
Supposedly, the eye is God watching over America, the unfinished pyramid because there is always room to improve. Some say the one eye is a sign of the Illuminati, many presidents
It has many themes. The pyramid is unfinished because we should always be improving out country.
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The pyramid means that Americans are not yet done in building the country. Inside is the all-seeing eye which is a symbol of masonry. ...
The mighty dollar bill and all its many symbols. The eye on the back of the dollar bill is the all seeing eye. It dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and is ...
The pyramid on the dollar bill has a meaning. It is the reverse side of the Great Seal of USA. The pyramid means that God is watching over and could also mean ...
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