How to Build a 4 Wheel Furniture Moving Dolly?


When moving heavy pieces of furniture, you do not necessarily have to buy a dolly. You can build a 4-wheel dolly at home by screwing sides of plywood into a square on another sheet of plywood. Drill holes through the frame on each side and put rope through them, to allow you to drag the dolly. Attach four swivel plate casters at the bottom of the dolly.
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1. Cut a piece of plywood 18 inches by 32 inches. Cut the 2-by-4s into four sections: two pieces should be 32 inches long and two should be 10 inches long. 2. Screw the two 32-inch
Here's a selection of dollies and moving equipment from an online store:…. Although if you're only moving it around once in awhile
1. Buy Sliders of appropriate size at your local hardware or home goods store (or national chains like Home Depot or Lowes) Ad. 2. Lift each corner and put a Slider underneath so
Furniture dolly's can be purchased at many home improvement stores and various sites on the web. These include Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon, eBay, and Staples.
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