Where can I find dolls made to look like someone?


My Twinn dolls are dolls that are made to like like oneself. One fills out a questionnaire about physical features and submits a photo in order to have the doll made.
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1. Log on to My Twinn's Custom Twinn Doll website to create your look alike doll. The website is http://www.mytwinn.com/Custom-Twinn-Doll. 2. Select what type of outfit you want your
1 Start with a clean face. Take off any makeup you are wearing with makeup remover. Then, wash your face with soap and warm water and gently pat your face dry with a towel. Use a
There are TONS online. I saw a program on women who have these dolls so I was curious about them and found them online. They are also sold on eBay.
I think you could have this priced at the Realdoll website, their standard lifelike dolls go for arround US dollars 5999.00. However, they would sting you a lot extra for customization
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