How Strong Are Dolphins Tales?


Dolphin Tale is a wonderful movie that is very inspiring. It is the true story of a dolphin injured in an accident in the ocean.He loses his tail and his believed to be dying. A trainer takes him and makes a prosthetic tale and teaches the dolphin to swim.
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Dolphin Tale
While swimming free in the ocean, a young dolphin becomes caught in a crab trap and severely damages her tail. Though she is rescued and transported to the Clearwater Marine Hospital, her tail cannot be saved, and her prognosis is dire. What the dolphin, now named Winter, needs is a miracle. She gets that miracle in the form of a marine biologist, a brilliant prosthetics surgeon, and a devoted boy, who develop a way to help Winter swim again. Based on a true story.
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Very strong. It's what propels them through the water.
The movie Dolphin Tale runs 1 hr 52 min. It'd inspired by a heartwarming true story!
$37,000,000 (estimated)
hi there, maybe looking into the work of Mark Isham.…. Mike Dennis.
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