Domain of Aphrodite?


The domain of Aphrodite was that of love, beauty and fertility. She was worshiped through the culture of the Ancient Greeks. She was the daughter of Zeus and Dione.
Q&A Related to "Domain of Aphrodite?"
Aphrodite was born of the sea ( or Zeus and Dione depending on the myth). She is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasures, and laughter.'s_Doma...
Depends what you mean by domain. If you mean it as, what was she goddess of, you've already covered it. If you mean, where was she worshipped, well, primarily in Cyprus (where she
She is the goddess of love and beauty, the Roman equivalent of the goddess Venus. Aphrodite had a festival of her own, the Aphrodisiac, which was celebrated all over Greece but particularly
In myth upon Olympus, either upon Mt. Olympus or the heavenly abode above it.
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