Donate My Old Trophies?


Winning trophies is great. You get a pretty little statue to sit on your shelf and show everyone what you are good at. But what happens when you get too old to care how well you did in pee wee soccer? There are award companies that will allow you to ship them the trophies no matter what condition they are in. For trophies in good condition, they are donated directly to programs that cannot afford new ones. For those that are not in such good shape, they may be stripped down and remade into new ones.
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Instructions. Sort through the trophies and toss those that are discolored or damaged. Keep those you want to display or show to your grandchildren. Put the others into boxes according
: You can also donate old trophies to charities, sports clubs etc as many will have very little budget to work with so will appreciate help on this front. Call your local trophy and
You can donate old trophies to schools, Boys and Girls clubs, Special Olympics,
Contact your local Lions Club. Most clubs focus on sight as a cause.
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