Donate Used Stuffed Animals?


When donating used stuffed animals it is important to be sure that they are clean, dry and free of any kind of contaminants, stains or odors that may make them unusable. It is best to use a hypoallergenic detergent when cleaning stuffed animals and anything like clothing or other things for donation purposes. Before you bring the stuffed animals to the donation location, you may also want to call ahead and be sure that the organization does in fact accept donations of stuffed animals so that you can be sure that your donation is put to the best possible use.
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1 First, go to the Mushy Mates one page website, 2 Pick the best way to donate your stuffed animals at a drop-off location, driving to your local foster care agency
You can check with your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even churches. You can also ask daycare centers or preschools if they want to accept your stuffed animals.
alex the wrizzzy man does.
You can donate them to Crossroads Rhode Island 160 Broad
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You can donate used stuffed animals in California at the nearest charity centre. To donate the used stuffed animals, you can pack it in a container and then contact ...
You may be able to find a place locally where you can donate used stuffed animals. It would be a good idea to check with social service agencies in your area. ...
To start donating your stuffed animals, you can contact your local shelter or other charitable organization. Stuffed animals can also be dropped of at a Goodwill ...
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