Donating Excess Skin?


These days weight loss surgery has become fairly popular to those who are in medical need or those who can afford it. The problem with the surgery is that you lose the weight but not the skin. Many patients find this excess skin to be as much of a problem as the excess weight was so they have another surgery to remove it. It used to be that the skin was disposed of by the doctor. A new foundation is finding ways to use this skin for other medical needs. So far some things that are done with this skin are hernia repairs, breast reconstruction, and bladder slings.
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You can only tighten skin a little. You can use massage to tighten the skin. You can use cocoa butter lotions. You can use lotions that have caffeine in them.
1. Contact your local church, food bank, shelter or soup kitchen. Offer your excess fruit to provide meals to the homeless or financially underprivileged. Administrators of the organizations
1 Immediately get out of the sun and stay out of the sun. You don't want to add to your tan. Ad 2 If your skin has burned, then wear a moisturizing cream to ease it. 3 Wait for the
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In order to donate your excess skin to burn victims you must inform the doctor that is removing the skin. When you are filling out paperwork before the surgery ...
Donating excess skin is a way to allow live skin transplant for people that might need it. It is common that people who have lost a lot of weight to want to donate ...
1. Lose weight slowly. You are more likely to have excess skin if you are extremely overweight or have carried excess weight for a long time. The Weight-control ...
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