How to Make Church Donation Jars?


To make a church donation jar, use a gallon sized pickle jar. Place a slot in the screw on lid of the jar, and decorate the jar with appropriate artwork and a small sign saying how the funds will be used. Place it in a secure but accessible area in the church.
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1. Purchase a package of 3-by-4 inch plain white adhesive labels, permanent markers in various colors and six to eight mason jars, in a quart size, from a local craft store. Mason
"My brother in law has been diagnosed with non small cell lung carcinoma which has mestatised to his brain. They have no insurance. I thought the donation jars would at least
Krazy glue edge of top then screw lid on quickly.Takes alot to crack them open or use mirrior glue.
If these are baby food jars which you saved after feeding your child, I suggest you try local schools, day cares, etc... they often use them for arts & crafts. Also, if you have
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When asking for money to help with a sick family member, you should label a donation jar with the particular illness that the money will be contributing to cure. ...
Knowing what to donate to someone can be tricky. I would say donate what you can afford. I am sure the sick person would appreciate any and all donations. ...
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