How old are Donna Summer's children?

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Donna Summer had three daughters named Mimi, Brooklyn, and Amanda
Relationship: married Bruce Sudano July 16, 1980
Despite a successful career that lasted over three decades, singer Donna Summer was best known as "The Queen of Disco" thanks to her dancable 1970s pop hits like "Hot Stuff" and "I Feel Love." Donna Summer grew up in Boston a... More>> · More images »
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Donna Summer's children are the following ages: Mimi Sommer was born in 1974. Brooklyn Sudano was born in January 5th, 1981. Amanda Sudano was born in August 11th, 1982.
She was married briefly in the early 70s to Helmut Sommer, with whom she had one child - Mimi Sommer, (born in 1974). She is currently married to songwriter Bruce Sudano with whom
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Donna Summer had three children Brooklyn Sudano, Amanda Sudano and Mimi Sommer. Donna summer was an American singer and song writer who was born on 31st December 1948 and died on 17th May 2012 at an age of 64 years.
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