Donnie Swaggart Divorce?


Donnie Swaggart has supposedly been divorced twice in just three short years. He divorced his wife Debbie in 2003. And then his next wife Judy in 2006. Divorce is not favorable in the church. Nowhere in any official Swaggart information will you ever hear a to reference to either of his divorces. It seems that most people in the Swaggart church just look the other way when a new wife appears and then disappears again.
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hes gay.
Donnie Swaggart is the only son of Evangelist Jimmy and Frances Swaggart. He's 48 years
Debra Robertson. Refer to this site that reports that they both bought some property in 1980:
Because he wants to marry YOU!
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Donnie Swaggart is a popular Evangelist preacher. He has been a part of the ministry for more than 25 years. Since he ha been a preacher, he has traveled all over ...
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