Door Prize Ideas for Adults?


Door prizes are given out at all kinds of events. It is usually a raffle of everyone who enters the drawing upon coming in to the event. Door prizes can different depending on the type of event you are at. If you are say at a pet expo, the door prize is most likely something a pet owner would want. If you are at a huge charity fundraiser that cost a lot of money to get into, the door prize could be something very large like electronics or a trip. Most door prizes are gift baskets or gift certificates.
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shot glasses. the little airplane size bottles of alcohol. drink mix kits. Look in the dollar section at your local Target store, they will probably have some things you can use as
Find an adjustable basket and have a shooting contest and maybe even a dunk contest.
Had a adult party last year. i pick some male and female gifts. like reading light, juper cables, lotion, candles, small travel tool set. nail kit. pencil set. All this stuff was
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Door prizes for adults can really vary depending on the event. If it's a small house party, a bottle of wine or some movie passes would be great. A larger public ...
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