Dormant Bank Accounts?


A dormant bank account is a bank account that has not been used in a long time and does not have any money in it. Banks will close accounts that are dormant.
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The bank will try to contact the individual who owns the account by mail. Some owners ignore the letter, others never get it because they have moved or died. Depending on the state,
A dormant Checking account is one that hasn't been actively used for the previous 3-6 months. Banks usually place accounts as dormant or inactive once they cross 60 or 90 days of
In India, all the banks first convert into in-operative account ( if there is no operation for the past 6 months) they will remind you for operation, if there is no transaction they
Savings account showing no activity, other than posting of interest for a specified period. These are generally low balance accounts. If unclaimed for a certain number of years, ownership
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