Who is Dorothy Dandridge's daughter?


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Dorothy Dandridge
Dorothy Dandridge is the Oscar-nominated actress whose career as a leading lady was curtailed by racism and personal problems in the 1950s. As teens she and her sister Vivian were part of an act known as the Dandridge Sisters; they were good enough to re... More »
Born: November 9, 1922, Cleveland, Ohio
Died: September 8, 1965
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Dorothy Dandridge's daughter is Harolyn Dandridge and was born September 2, 1943. During Harolyn's birth there was oxygen cut off from her brain during birth and she causing brain
Dorothy Dandridge was a dancer & actress in films like Sundown; Ride 'Em Cowboy;
Well her only daughter was mentally retarded and lived in a home for the disabled until she died a few years ago.
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Dorothy Dandridge has one daughter named Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas. She was born on September 2nd of 1943. Harolyn was born with server brain damage. Her father was Dorothy's first husband Harold Nicholas.
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