Who played "Dorothy the Dinosaur"?


A number of different actors have played and voiced Dorothy the Dinosaur in "The Wiggles" and its spin-off series "Dorothy the Dinosaur." TV.com lists Emily McGlinn as Dorothy with Carolyn Ferrie as Dorothy's voice, while IMDB lists actresses such as Leanne Ashley and Corinne O'Raffers.

According to Wigglepedia, since her introduction in 1991, 17 actors have worn the Dorothy suit and 12 have provided her voice, as of 2014. The site credits "Wiggles" regular Murray Cook as originating the role, wearing the suit for one year and providing the voice of Dorothy from 1991 to 1996. As of 2014, several different actresses play Dorothy. Samantha Hibburt and Clare Field alternate wearing the suit while Ferrie, Field, Caterina Mete and Blathnaid Conroy-Murphy do voice work.

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Dorothy is currently played by Lyn Moran, the wife of Wiggle Sam Moran.
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Dorothy the Dinosaur Activities
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