Dorsal Recumbent Position?


The dorsal recumbent position is a special position used for many surgeries. The patient is laid down on their back. Their knees are up and their feet are flat on the bed or table.
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Dorsal recumbent position is also known as supine position. It is made with your head lying on a pillow and you body lying flat, also with legs flexed and it is rotated in an outward
The term "dorsal" is Latin for "back. Thus, dorsal refers to
what is the purpose of dorsal examinaton position in physical examination?
The lithotomy position is used in operation requiring a perineal approach. Skin prep includes the following areas: pubis, vulva, labia, perineum, anus, and adjacent areas, including
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Description of a Dorsal Recumbent Position
Successful health care treatment begins with a physical examination to identify the health problem. The dorsal recumbent position is often used for such examinations.... More »
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