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A rainbow is a visible spectrum of light that occurs when light is reflected in water droplets in the atmosphere. Spotting a 'primary rainbow,' an arc of light that shows red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light from outside to inside, is a special event that will put a smile on almost anyone's face. Sometimes the light that causes the primary rainbow is reflected not only once, but twice, in the water droplets. The result is a double rainbow. A double rainbow will show the spectrum in reverse order, starting with violet on the outside and ending with red on the inside.

Throughout human history, many meanings have been assigned to the presence of a rainbow. Most famously, in Irish legend, a rainbow leads the way to a pot of gold, which is guarded by a leprechaun. Overwhelmingly, rainbows are associated with positive symbols and good omens. Specifically, in Japan, rainbows were often seen as a bridge that ancestors could use to descend to earth.

Usually, double rainbows share the same meanings as primary rainbows in these myths. And, as far as we're concerned, you're awfully lucky to see a rainbow at all, so twice the rainbow is twice the luck!
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It is when there are two rainbows on a place rather than so above one rainbow is another therefore double rainbow.
Double Rainbow is a brand of premium ice cream based in San Francisco, California. The .
To understand how double rainbows work scientifically, you must first know several basic facts about single rainbows. Single rainbows are caused by refraction, dispersion and internal
1. Wait for a storm to pass. Rainbows always form after rain (hence the name) To raise your chances of finding a DOUBLE rainbow, make sure the storm is at least a 5.0 on the Richter
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