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Dove chocolate is part of the Mars Corporation. Dove was created by Leo Stefanos in 1939 Chicago. In 1956, he came up with the chocolate dipped Dove ice cream bar. However, it was his son Mike that marketed that bar in 1984. Mars bought the company in 1986. Dove still only makes the finest, silky smooth chocolate indulgences. Dove bars are called Galaxy bars in the United Kingdom. The name Dove came from Stefanos desire for a peaceful sounding store name.
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1. Fill a pot halfway with water and bring into a simmer. 2. Break the Dove chocolate bar into small chunks and place in a glass bowl. 3. Place the glass bowl over the pot of water
at your local supermarket.
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1 Take out your ingredients and place them on the counter . 2 Make sure you have all the ingredients : Chocolate milk, Dove chocolate, Ready Whip, and chocolate syrup if wanted. 3
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To melt Dove chocolate, boil a pot filled up to the halfway point with water. Once it is boiling allow it to simmer. You should then make sure your Dove chocolate ...
Dove chocolates is a product that is manufactured and sold by the Mars company. The Dove brand was created by a company in the UK and originally marketed as Galaxy ...
Dove chocolate can be easily melted using a microwave. The Dove website suggest 8 DOVE PROMISES in a microwave in 20 second intervals. If a microwave is not available ...
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