How to Change an Imei Cell Number?


The IMEI number can be changed safely with IMEI software. This software detects your specific phone's manufacturer and model, and provides you with the appropriate number. Begin by downloading the software and saving to your desktop before following the set up wizard instructions.
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1. Locate the new phone's IMEI numbers. Most mobile phones will display the IMEI numbers by dialing *06# from the phone. These numbers can also be found under the battery in most
It cannot be done. Unless you want to change the hardware and damage the phone in the end, there is no way for you to do that since an IMEI number is the identification number of
Hey! To change the IMEI number of your mobile all you do is open your phone remove the black RX12 chip and swap it with an old phone it so easy to do, BUT! Even if you end up doing
The IMEI number is located on the bar code label beneath the Samsung Blackjack
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You cannot change an IMEI number since it is assigned by the manufacturer at the time of manufacturing. It is assigned to each handset made and is an unique code ...
Before trying anything else, contact your service provider and ask for an unlock code. Download software to generate the unlocking code. Find the Serial number ...
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