What Is on the Dr Phil Show Today?


If you want to know what is on the Dr. Phil show today or any other day, you can visit his home website. On the home page, click on the 'Shows and Video' tab. This will take you to another screen which will list the programs that will be shown for the current week.
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Helping a family member to get motivated to himself more.
Today's episode on The Dr. Phil show is about Rage Caught on Tape.
Do you watch. The Dr. Phil Show. and think to yourself, “I have a story to tell” or “I could be that person on stage”? If so, the opportunity is yours. Just
In response to the previous answer: I am related to this woman and this has been an on going struggle in our lives for some time now. She wasn't faking. I'm sorry for those who have
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Dr. Phil
Dr. Phillip McGraw, PhD. became a daytime television celebrity thanks to his weekly appearances on the popular talk show of Oprah Winfrey. Beginning in 1998, Dr. Phil, as he is known, was a weekly guest on the show, where he offered relationship advice to... More »
Born: September 1, 1950 (age 64), Vinita, Oklahoma
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