Dr Scholls Machine Locations?


Dr. Scholl's is a foot are and footwear brand that was founded in 1906 by podiatrist William Mathias Scholl. Currently it is owned by SSL International and manufactured in China. Dr. Scholl's has kiosk machines in many locations across the US. The kiosk has the ability to analyze your feet with more than 2,000 pressure sensors and will tell you which orthotic inserts would be the best for you. Many of the kiosks are located at stores such as Walmart.
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You can purchase Dr. Scholl's merchandise in any drug store.
There are Dr. Scholl's Kiosks in both Meijer's in
... Your Mother's House :)
Dr. Scholl's provides "footmapping" kiosks in stores throughout the United States. As you stand on this unique machine, which was developed with the help of podiatrists,
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