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Dr. Seuss is a series of children's books enjoyed by many all over the world. Many classrooms read the books and then do many crafts and activities relating to the book. Some activities that can be enjoyed by younger students are coloring pages, word searches and counting activities. There are many printables online that can be enjoyed both at home and school. Seussville has many pages of things that can be printed out, and you can search for things by book or by a certain activity.
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1. Follow the color scheme of one of Seuss' books. Select the book that you and your students like best, and use the colors from this book as your color scheme, slapping some up on
Dr. Seuss was no doctor. His father wanted him to be a doctor. So when he started writing the books, it wasn't his real name.
Theodor Suess Geisel is the source. It is one of the "8 Must Read Success Lessons from Dr. Seuss" 1. Be Who You Are. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because
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