Who is Dr. Zakir Naik Urdu?


Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is a televangelist who teaches about Islam and speaks an Indo-Aryan language known as Urdu. He was a medical doctor before he started to his career as a televangelist.

Dr. Zakir Naik was born in 1965. He studied to be a doctor at the Topiwala National Medical College and Nair Hospital and later founded the Islamic Research Foundation where he and his wife Farhat still work as of 2014. Dr. Naik has published many lectures about Islam to help spread his message and espouse his many theories about life. He believes that evolution is only a hypothesis and teaches that not every Muslim who converts should be put to death. He teaches that there are rare occasions when conversion should be accepted. Dr. Naik is well-known for saying that he could not make comments about specific terrorists, because he did not know them personally. Many people felt that he should have denounced the terrorists for the things that they were known for doing rather than refusing to condemn them for their immoral actions. He has stated that he believes that terrorism is wrong but still refuses to say anything negative about individual terrorists or their specific activities.

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DR. ZAKIR ABDUL-KARIM NAIK. ISLAMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION. A medical doctor by professional training, Dr. Zakir Naik is renowed as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative
Zakir Naik is a Fraud While I have always been critical of his approach and conclusions, I always admired Dr Zakir Naik’s sincerity and loyalty to Muslims. I was impressed by
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