How do you draw the orbital energy diagram of neon?


An orbital energy diagram may show circles of electrons, orbiting a nucleus. The diagram for Neon may have two circles around the nucleus, with ten electrons on the circles total. There may be two electrons across from each other on the inner circle, and six electrons evenly spaced on the outer circle. The first circle around the nucleus signifies the first energy level. The second circle around the nucleus signifies the second energy level.
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2p _ _ _ 2s _ 1s _ Neon is a noble gas and therefore has a filled shell so if you had to put the electrons in the above orbitals you would fill them all!
1. Draw a simple x and y axis with arrows pointing right and up, respectively. Label the y, or vertical, axis "Energy. 2. Arrange individual atomic orbitals on the far left and
how do you draw a pontial energy diagram can you tell me
I suggest you try. Lucidchart. I graduated in Manufacturing Engineering and have had a lot of experience with Lucidchart (since I work there) Depending on what you need specifically
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