What Is a Good Drawing Salve?


Black drawing salve will sometimes work on pimples. It is grease-based, however, so it could cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is best to check with a dermatologist to find a good acne regimen for your needs.
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Black salve is a great drawing salve. It is thick and has a nasty odor to it. It can be used for splinters and boils. There are many different brands of this salve and most can be
While there are many ingredients in drawing salve, the main ingredient is most-often ichthammol. It may also contain ingredients such as phenyl alcohol, echinacea, arnica montana
Apply to affected area once or twice daily. A loose bandage may be applied. Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
The drawing salve seeps into the tissue, and the most active ingredient, Ichthammol,
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