What Hairstyle Do Women Find More Attractive on Black Men Dreadlocks or the Short Cut?


For that, it's a matter of how your face is structured. Higher cheekbones look really good with short hair, whereas the longer dreadlocks look better on people with longer faces.
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short cut.
1. Wash the hair you are going to cut the night before you intend to cut it. 2. Work all the knots and tangles out of the hair with the hair pick. 3. Comb the hair front to back and
Sometimes they have black hairstyles in Ebony or Essence maganzin and also at black salons they have magazines just about black hair. There is also a magazine call Black Hair at places
Can women get waves in their hair like their male counterparts? Believe it or not, the answer is a resounding yes. Black women can get waves in their hair just like black men can.
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