How to Prevent Lice with Dreadlocks?


Even if a person has dreadlocks, they are still able to have a lice infestation. A person with dreadlocks can prevent getting lice by washing their dreads once a month with a lice preventing shampoo. Another option is to spritz the hair with water that contains essential mineral oils once every few days. The oil works as a natural lice repellent.
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1. Avoid anyone who has head lice. Not everyone who has lice will tell you about it, so it's best to be careful about whose head, brush or comb touches your head. Avoid hugging school-age
Shave your head. Seriously.
Use any vegetable based oil you'd like (i.e. olive, jojoba) Let the oil sit
you would have to cut them off. cos you need to comb through the hair to remove the eggs. try using tea tree oil in your hair to repel them. stay away from your bro's head, lice can
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Bob Marley did not carry any lice as dreadlocks are too compact to carry any lice. He was a Jamaican singer who helped spread the Rastafarian beliefs. Bob is considered ...
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