Dream Candles?


Dream candles are candles that are fragrant, and classy looking. They come in many colors, but the idea behind these candles is to make a room look full of style, and glorious. The thing about a dream candle, is that it's not a real candle. It is flameless, and it has a remote control so that you can control the light output and the overall appearance of the candle while not needing to go near it. They are battery operated.
Q&A Related to "Dream Candles?"
In dreams Candles often reveal a sense of mystery, romance or supernatural
Candles usually mean hope, since that particular candle hasn't been lite that would mean hopeless. Feeling hopeless or lost.
Hi! I've answered the other question with the link to this. I'd just like to add something, also an interpretation from Dream Moods: PURPLE. Purple is indicative of devotion, healing
Seeing candles in dreams may mean the illumination of intellect. A cross symbolizes your spirituality, and burnt match heads may mean the end of something.
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