What Does It Mean If Someone Else Dreams You Are Pregnant?


If somebody else dreams that you are pregnant, it could mean that that person thinks that you would make a good mother. If you dream you are pregnant, it might mean that you are ready for a baby. It also means you are ready for a big life change.
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seeing into the future, you should start coming up with names now.
1. Get your own life together. You need to identify the situation in your own life. Don't worry so much about other peoples life. Ad. 2. Since when do someone else's decision affect
If the dreamer is a woman and you dream you are pregnant
the entire dream sounds as if you see this as an idealic lifestyle.pretty apartment, nice dress, happy expectant mother.but you also are able to see that there was a fly in the ointment
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Dreams about someone else being pregnant are sometimes literal, with the individual turning out to be pregnant, or they could symbolize something about this person that is unexpressed or undone.
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