Drinking Age in St Lucia?


St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. The drinking age in St. Lucia is 18. An individual must also be 18 to gamble in the casinos. The age of legal consent is 16.
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The People of Saint Lucia
Population: 162,781
Ethnicity: black, mixed, East Indian
Languages: English (official) and French patois
Religions: Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Rastafarian, Anglican, Evangelical, other Christian
Median Age: 31.6 years
Male: 30.5 years
Female: 32.7 years (2012 est)
Literacy Rate: 90.10%
Legal drinking age:
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The Legal drinking age in St. Lucia is 18 years Old.
In St. Lucia the legal drinking age is 18. http://www.vacationexpress.com/st_lucia/…
The legal drinking age in St.Lucia is 18 years old.
Not legal advice:In St.Maarten the legal drinking age is 18! Make sure that you drink in moderation.
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The Legal drinking age in St. Lucia is 18 years Old. ...
The legal drinking age for the island of Saint Lucia is reported to be 18 years old. Most of the world has 18 as the drinking age. The United States is one of ...
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