How Much Vinegar Do You Have to Drink to Prevent Pregnancy?


Drinking vinegar is not a reliable method to prevent pregnancy. This method has not been scientifically proven to work. For reliable ways to prevent pregnancy, visit a health care provider.
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This is an absolute myth. Vinegar *does not* prevent pregnancy at all-it will make your breath smell bad. To prevent pregnancy, you need to take prescribed birth control pills or
If you do not want your baby, you should
Its good drinking it, its ok for your body to have some. But don't drink real much or it will hurt thats all it won't kill you. If you want to stop easy just don't drink it in salad
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Nothing significant happens if you drink vinegar while pregnant. Vinegar does not harm a fetus and in fact can help prevent pregnancy-related anemia. ...
Acetic acid, also known as common vinegar, is nontoxic and harmless during pregnancy. Drinking vinegar has no known risks during any stage of pregnancy. It is ...
No, drinking vinegar does not stop pregnancy. Home methods should not be used to terminate a pregnancy, as this could lead to very serious complications for the ...
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