Driveway Entrance Ideas?


When deciding on a driveway entrance it is good to think about the impression you want to make. Ideas for driveway entrances range from grand to homey and the entrance works best when it's complimentary to your house style and personality. Walls, fences, and rock are good decorative ideas. They can be formal or rustic. Grasses and flowers can dress up a driveway entrance. Ornamental shrubs and trees are good choices as well. Try driving around to get inspiration for your driveway entrance, paying attention to both big and small details.
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1. Measure the area around the driveway entrances to determine how wide you can fan the sides out without interfering with trees or plants. Check the expanded sections are even with
5 feet RCW 46.61.570.
Whats the widest car on your roads? Add 8" x2 for door mirrors. Add 18" x2 for not riding the kerbs either side. Add 36" so one of the cars can open its drivers door.
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Design Ideas for a Driveway Entrance
The driveway is the entrance to your home and should represent the style of your home. This space should be well manicured because it is a direct reflection of what guests can expect of the rest of your home. Many aspects go into designing your driveway... More »
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