How can I dry out wet carpet?


To get carpet really dry, you need to get to the source of the problem first. Before you begin any method of drying the carpet, make sure there will be no other liquids drenching your dry plans. If the carpet is truly drenched, you can start by pulling up the carpet. This will allow you to dry the carpet pad and base of the floor and check for mold. Also, with the carpet not attached to the floor, you can dry the carpet from both sides. If you can hang the wet part of the carpet, you can leave fans to blow it dry. Once the carpet is dry and the base of the floor, too, you just have to staple the carpet back down.

While the carpet may dry out, you may not like the look or smell of it afterward. If worse comes to worse, the great thing about carpet is that it can be replaced.
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1. Remove furniture from a wet carpet and place in a dry area. 2. Run a wet/dry vacuum over the wet carpet. Start at one end of the room and slowly glide the vacuum back and forth
1. Call in a professional carpet company to deal with the problem. Make sure the service is guaranteed and look for a company that promises to dry the carpet, the pad and the subfloor
Well, if you are inside or have access to power, it is best to use a blow dryer, at a low setting. If you are outside and have no power, try to put it in the sun after drying it off
If it is really soaked, you should use a carpet-cleaning machine to suck as much of the liquid out as you can. You could also step on the area with towels and get as much liquid out
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How to Dry Out Wet Carpet
Wet carpets can result from a leaking water heater, washer or sink pipes. Whatever the reason, the moisture requires quick removal before it permanently damages the pad and the carpet. If the carpet padding becomes saturated and cannot dry properly, mold... More »
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