How do you clean a dryer's lint trap?


The best method to wash a dryer lint trap is to use a toothbrush and dish soap. This will help break down residues from fabric softeners.
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1. Disconnect the vent pipe transition from the back of the dryer as directed in the dryer instruction manual. 2. Insert a leaf blower tube into the vent pipe from the bottom, seal
My Laundry Question. I clean my lint trap after each load of laundry and lately I ve noticed there is little to no lint where as before there was alot. What could the lack of lint
ge dyer lint trap is in back of dyer, to duct in wall out tothe roof clean out all ducts dyer still keeps shuting off after running shourt while.
Ah! I'll bet you have an old Halo of Heat Maytag dryer! The lint screen is in the back of the drum. It's round and has two holes for you to stick your thumb and forefinger in to pull
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About Dryer Lint Traps
Dryer lint traps may seem like such small and inconsequential items, but they are one of the main reason a dryer continues to work properly. Dryers come with specific lint traps that don't always last the lifetime of the dryer. Regular maintenance and... More »
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