How do you connect dryer plugs?


Modern electrical code requires that a dryer be connected to a four prong outlet, attached via a four prong dryer cord. Before conducting electrical work, all electricity should be turned off and tested. Electrical work should always be inspected by a licensed electrician.

  1. Connect designated breaker

    Most dryers call for 30 amps of electricity at 240 volts. Electrical code requires that dryers have a designated circuit. A 30-amp double-pole breaker is needed at the main panel to supply power to the dryer. A 10-gauge, three-conductor copper wire with ground is required to supply power between the circuit breaker and the four prong dryer outlet. The red and black wires of the 10-gauge wire bundle are connected to the 30-amp breaker, each carrying a leg of hot current. The white neutral wire and bare ground wire are connected to the neutral bus bar within the main panel.

  2. Connect the dryer outlet

    At the opposite end of the 10-gauge wire bundle, the red and black wires are connected to the hot terminals of the dryer outlet. The neutral wire is connected to the neutral terminal, and the ground wire is connected to the outlet's grounding screw.

  3. Connect the dryer cord

    Under the dryer's access panel, the four prong dryer cord or pigtail is connected to the dryer's terminals. The white neutral wire of the cord is connected to the center, silver terminal under the access panel. The red and black hot wires are connected to the outer hot terminals: red to the right and black to the left. The cord's ground wire is connected to the dryer's green grounding screw. The access panel should be secured to the dryer, and the dryer cord is plugged into the dryer outlet.

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