How to Repair a Cracked Ceiling with Drywall?


To repair a cracked ceiling with drywall, drill screws into the support beams that the drywall is attached to. Then take a tool and make the crack bigger in the ceiling allowing a space the joint compound can adhere to. Apply the drywall tape and mud. When dry, smooth it over with a sponge till it is even and smooth. Sand until smooth and repaint.
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1. Use your hands or a screwdriver to pull away any loose drywall or debris from inside the crack. This will provide a solid base for your repair work. 2. Mix a joint compound (spackle
Cracks in a drywall ceiling; is another challenge for homeowners. This can be caused the wood moving in the framing due to shrinkage of improperly dried lumber or seasonal changes
If the crack is from a previous joint, the most likely, then your remove the tape over that joint and put on new tape and compound. If this is a new crack is previously sound sheetrock
Tips: 1) Scrape & clean the loosen & damaged material. 2) Cut along the cracks with a utility knife on triangle shape deeper than the surface. 3) Apply the first coat of plaster
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