How can I get a copy of the forms of DS-157 & DS-158 ?


DS-157 & DS-158 forms are the standard forms used for the USA visa. These forms are available at different online resources. You can also find them with almost all foreign USA embassies too. You can also find them at website.
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You can either just write in the starting date or print out the completed form (missing this information) and then write (in pen) the correct dates.
When applying for a tourist visa you must demonstrate that you do not have the intent to live in the US permanently. Obviously, having a parent who is living in the US could cause
Check the US embassy website of your choice under visa applications. Or see the site below for all forms: or for the DS 157 specifically: http:
U can edit many fields online. Some fields are non-editable. if the fields u are looking to edit is non-editable, print out a blank form and fill all details manually. Let the officer
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