How to Change the Time on NEC Dterm 80 Phones.?


1. Press the "Menu" key to open the main menu on your NEC Dterm 80 phone. 2. Navigate down to the "Settings" option in the menu. Press "OK. 3. Navigate down to the "Time and Date" option in the menu. Press "OK. 4. Disable "Automatic Time Detection.
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The LCD screen of my DTerm80 was showing a "CAMP-ON" message along with someone else's name. I fixed it by pushing the "Exit" button then the second softbutton
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The Dterm PSIII supports a wide range of timesaving, convenient business features as:
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1. Press the "Menu" button. 2. Press "5" to open the "Settings" menu. 3. Press "1" to open the "User Settings" ...
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