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To find a cell phone directory you need to carry out an extensive search online. Some websites such as the Official Mobile Phone Directory offer a list of cell phone numbers from people in different countries. There is a Dubai Phone Directory as well and it can be used to type in a cell phone number to reveal who that number belongs to.
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As far as anyone knows, there is no cell phone directory like the original phone book. Even the cell phone reverse look ups will not give you the name of the person owning the cell
1. If you are adding a contact that has not called your cell phone yet, use the number keys to dial the phone number you wish to save. Be sure to enter the number as if you were dialing
UAE country code is +971, Dubai phone code is 04 for land lines, for mobile could be 050 or 055 and the local no. you dont need to dial 0 if you call from abroad in any case.
1 Dial 1-800-FREE-411 or 1-800-BING-411 and follow the prompts. For 1-800-FREE-411 : After listening to two very short ads you will have the choice of searching by name or category.
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There is an Online Directory of Mobile Phone Numbers of Etisalat. By logging in data Dubai's homepage you will find the information that you seek there. Etisalat ...
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