Dubnium is an element. Its atomic number is 105 and its weight is 270. It is classified as a metal and credit for the discovery is still considered to be decided.
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Relative Atomic Mass: Indeterminiate because this element does not occur in nature.
Discovery: Albert Ghiorso and Georgi N. Flerov are credited with the discovery of dubnium in 1967.
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Dubnium is an artificial chemical element, atomic number 105, radioactive, very probably a solid metal, group 5 in the periodic table of elements.
It a radioactive synthetic element whose most stable isotope is dubnium-268 with a half-life of 28 hours. It is the longest lived transactinide isotope providing sufficient chemical
Dubnium Element Facts - Symbol Db; Atomic number 105; Group: Trans. Met; Atomic
dubnium: a transuranic element
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The cost of dubnium is hard to ascertain. This is mainly because dubnium is not a commercial product. It is only obtained in quantities at some level of atoms. ...
Dubnium is a chemical element. On the periodic table, it's symbol is Db, and it's atomic number is 105. Besides laboratory research, there are no uses for the ...
Dubnium is a highly radioactive metal that is solely used for research. It's atomic number is 105 and it is located within group 5. It was founded around 1967- ...
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