How Much Is a Ducat Worth in Dollars?


A ducat is a gold coin that was used in Europe before the first world war. It is also referred to as dukat. Today, a ducat is currently worth 800 U.S. dollars, in January 2013.
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The amount of Euros needed to purchase one United States Dollar as of the date I searched was .674531 Eur. I included the link below so that you can redo the amount on the date you
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According to 1913 Webster the ducat was worth the equivalent of "9 shillings & 4 pence sterling,or somewhat more than 2 dollars [around $44 in 2010 dollars] report this answer
1. Go to the website of a major currency converter; some are displayed in the Resources section. 2. Enter the amount of pounds you want to convert into the first box and select "
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